At Aus Inventive Design, our balustrades can be easily tailored to fit a variety of balcony or staircase applications. We are renowned for our quality products, expert finishes and efficient services. Our team can custom make balustrades for balconies, deckings, staircases and patios. Our large selection of balustrades are expertly designed with modern finishes, adding value to your property.


At Aus Inventive Design, we custom make louvres to suit your individual needs, offering flexibility in design. No matter the application, we have a range of options to ensure a hassle-free solution. Our louvres can be fixed in place or applied on sliding tracks. Manufactured with the best quality materials, our louvres are durable and simple to maintain. Made from easy-care powder coated aluminium, we have an exclusive range of louvres to suit many different residential and commercial applications.

Privacy Screens

At Aus Inventive Design, we use louvres, glass and perforated aluminium to design and manufacture custom privacy screens to suit your specifications. Whether a commercial or residential project, our team guarantees to find a unique design solution to suit any space. Our privacy screens can be customised to any size and shape, offering the latest in architectural styling for your project. They are the perfect solution to create privacy and security for your property while adding a unique architectural style.

Screen Panels & Facades

At Aus Inventive Design, we custom make screen panels and facades to suit your project’s specifications using a variety of aluminium profiles and screens. Made with premium quality products which are fully compliant to the highest Australian Standards, we guarantee quality. We approach every project as an integral design element, working with you every step of the way to execute a quality product.

Sunshades & Awnings

Aus Inventive Design is a leading provider of high-quality sunshades and awnings, offering unique designs and superb finishes. We cater to your specific requirements and custom make to your specifications, delivering designs that best suit your project. Our sunshades and awnings come in a wide range of profiles and easy care powder coat colours, allowing you to customise the look to your preferences

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