Carrington Boutique Apartments

Enduring elegance and convenient lifestyle

The Carrington Boutique Apartments located in Campsie exhibit modern craftsmanship and design at its best. A popular location, only twenty minutes from the city with a young multicultural crowd, giving the area an international buzz. Aus Inventive Design was a part of this project by designing and manufacturing unique perforated panels, gates, privacy screens and louvres. These contemporary apartments showcase a new, dynamic approach to architecture. 

Elevating the area’s calibre of design

This architectural vision was brought to life by the Aus Inventive Design team with an array of features ranging from frameless glass, laser cut screens and feature cladding. Every feature was designed and manufactured with the clients’ specifications in mind, guaranteeing a high-quality result. Presenting a modern and stylish finish, these boutique apartments exude the impeccable craftsmanship by the Aus Inventive Design team.