Committed to sustainability

At Aus Inventive Design, we are committed to providing you with a sustainable solution for your residential or commercial project. 

When it comes to renewable sources and sustainability, high-performance products are a must, and we believe aluminium is the best choice. 90% of the materials we use are aluminium, one of the most sustainable and recyclable building materials in the world.


Durable and viable

Aus Inventive Design recognises that sustainable initiatives are vital to the long-term lifespan of our environment. Our products are true examples of innovation, emphasising on achieving the ‘best practice’ on a range of environmental concerns. As the trend toward sustainable building increases, Aus Inventive Design has a core task to develop innovative products to meet the needs of a growing market.


Paving the way for the future

Aus Inventive Design has a goal to make a change and conduct business in a way that always places the environment first. Our business process ensures that products are designed to minimise waste, maximise materials and conserve resources while guaranteeing long-lasting solutions and excellent performance. From recycling to sustainable practices, we are all for environmental sustainability. 


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