CNC Router

At Aus Inventive Design we invest in high-tech machinery and innovative technology to ensure your projects are of high-quality. The CNC Router Laser allows for automated cutting through a set programmed path. Laser cutting is a fabrication process that employs a focused, high powered laser beam to cut into a range of materials to create custom designs. They are designed to provide a better cut quality as well as improve operational efficiency. 

  • Strong enough to cut/engrave into a variety of strong materials
  • Precise and accurate finishings
  • High-quality results
  • Flexibility and adaptability

Aus Inventive Design also uses metal cutting guillotine technology to cut specific types of sheet metal. This machinery is used for specially designed cutting and processing. With the modern use of technology, offering high precision and clean cuts, the guillotine allows the Aus Inventive Design team to execute high-quality finishes within time-frames.

  • Precision cutting
  • High-quality results
  • Flexibility in cutting
  • Efficient for high volume production
Press Brake

At Aus Inventive Design, our team also uses a CNC press brake system, where we can efficiently carry out the manufacturing process. These machines can efficiently bend sheet metal from just a few millimetres to up to 4 metres long. This technology provides a high level of precision that just isn’t possible with a purely manual system. The use of this machinery allows us to deliver immaculate designs, efficiently and effectively.

  • Easy to use for the operator
  • Allows for an efficient manufacturing method
  • Flexible programming
  • High-quality results
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